Front-end Developer

Do you want to become part of a growing developer team that builds a product used by almost 2 million users in 5 countries? GoMore is looking for a developer who can help us with our Danish Design Award winning product.

We are looking for a front-end developer with strong programming skills who can support our other front-end developers who are more specialized in the design and UX of our website. The ideal candidate will take lead on the technical direction of GoMore’s front-end, including decisions related to our frameworks and how we work with them. While we have multiple developers who can support us on the front-end, we lack somebody who can focus on the big picture, too.

We are interested both in candidates that are senior developers with a proven track record, but also less experienced developers with talent and initiative. Our culture is one where developers help each other grow professionally, but also have a sense of ownership of their specific domain.

You will become part of a product team counting 12 other designers and developers plus our  CPO. Currently, we have two product designers and four back-end developers who also assist on the front-end. Approximately half the team is headquartered in Copenhagen, with the rest working remotely from other parts of Denmark, Spain, and Germany. This position can be based either in Copenhagen or remotely.

Technical Requirements

  • Experience with Vue.js or other modern JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience with Webpack
  • Experience with HTML and CSS. It is not a requirement that you can do product design yourself, but you should be able to help implement finished designs

Other requirements

  • Excellent written and verbal English communication
  • Able to explain complex technical concepts. To other engineers, product designers, or colleagues working in non-technical areas
  • Experience with or interest in working in a distributed team

If interested, please send your CV and a link to some examples of your code to