Af Maria Sølvtofte, 11. January 2018

Design Competition

Ohh no… Leasing campaigns are boring! Please help!

We invite all creatives to outline a new graphic leasing campaign for GoMore.

The prize is DKK 10,000.


Make Leasing Art.

Make a proposal for a GoMore leasing campaign for the Metro. The task is to create and visualise an expression aligned with the GoMore brand. A GoMore leasing car is the only leasing car that you can rent out. You can share the car with your neighbours and everyone gets access to a car when they need one. This should be clearly communicated and sharing should be encouraged and emphasized.

You don’t have to show specific car models or prices, but the GoMore logo should be visible. Other than that you are free to play.

Tone of voice

Light, playful, artistic, warm and inviting.

Upload your idea

The format is a campaign for the Metro in Copenhagen. We do not expect a finished result, but a clear visualization of your concept and overall campaign idea. In addition to image material a brief written description of the concepts and thoughts behind the idea should be included.  You can choose to work with one of four different areas in the metro. Find technical specifications here and find the GoMore logo here. You can submit the material in either Danish or English (for Danes we prefer the material in Danish).

Exact measurements are not as important as creativity of ideas.


The deadline is March 1st. Send the material in a single PDF file to Mark the email “Leasing Art”.

This is last year’s campaign. Help us turn this into art.


NB: GoMore gets the right to use the winning material. We hope to develop the concept further with you, but also reserves the right to develop it with a third party. GoMore will only use all else incoming material in agreement with you. You are free to use your work in your portfolio.